Cognitive Augmented Reality Lab was established in 2015 in Faculty of Multimedia at Tabriz Islamic Art University. The primary goal of this lab is to study Augmented Reality (AR) Applications, novel human computer interaction techniques, AR games and simulators. Dr. Yoones A. Sekhavat is the head of this lab who collaborates with local universities (e.g., University of Tabriz) and international universities (e.g., Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada) in international researches.

Augmented reality (AR) is defined as a technology that allows the superimposition of syntactic computer-generated multimedia on real data. Such syntactic data seems to co-exists with the real world that provides additional knowledge about the environment. The emergence of Smartphones that brings together all necessary technologies to sense the environment (e.g., GPS and compass) and technologies to render multimedia (such as 3D graphics, video, images and text) has resulted in introducing AR to the mass tourism market. Augmented reality has introduced new ways of interacting with digital contents, where real-world interaction and computer-controlled contents are mixed seamlessly. This introduces a new class of games, in which the physical environment becomes an integral part of the game. AR games make it possible to create a new game environment, where virtual objects are overlaid on the real-world.
Research Tools:

1. Tobii Eye Tracker 4C: This device the most powerful USB hardware gaming device for immersive PC games. Made for gamers, with head tracking support.
  • *  The only PC Gaming device that provides simultaneous head- and eye tracking functionality
  • *  Eye tracking uses the gamer's natural eye movements to create a richer immersive gaming experience
  • *  The peripheral attaches magnetically to the bottom of the screen and connects to your PC via USB. Works on single screen set up, max screen size 27" 16:9 or 30" 21:9.
  • *  Free copy of Assassin's Creed Origins (PC game) included. Follow instructions in the Eye Tracking menu to redeem your Game Voucher.
  • *  Tobii Eye Tracking powers over 80 games. Find all available titles at the Tobi Gaming website.
2. Neurosky MindWave: MindWave Mobile EEG headsets are the culmination of decades of EEG biosensor technology research—all in one easy-to-control, wearable package. As the most affordable brainwave-reading EEG headset available, the MindWave and MindWave Mobile transform science fiction into reality from the comfort of your living room.
  • *  Outputs 12 bit Raw-Brainwaves (3 - 100Hz) with Sampling rate at 512Hz
  • *  Outputs EEG power spectrums (Alpha, Beta, etc.)
  • * Outputs NeuroSky proprietary eSense meter such as Attention, Meditation, and other future meters
  • *  EEG/ECG signal quality analysis (can be used to detect poor contact and whether the device is off the head)
3. Kinect : This device the most powerful USB hardware gaming device for immersive PC games. Made for gamers, with head tracking support.
  • *  An RGB camera that stores three channel data in a 1280x960 resolution. This makes capturing a color image possible.
  • *  An infrared (IR) emitter and an IR depth sensor. The emitter emits infrared light beams and the depth sensor reads the IR beams reflected back to the sensor.
  • *  A multi-array microphone, which contains four microphones for capturing sound. Because there are four microphones, it is possible to record audio as well as find the location of the sound source and the direction of the audio wave.
  • *  A 3-axis accelerometer configured for a 2G range, where G is the acceleration due to gravity. It is possible to use the accelerometer to determine the current orientation of the Kinect.
Current Students:
Previous Students:
  • Yoones A. Sekhavat, Hossein Zarei: Sense of Immersion in Computer Games Using Single and Stereoscopic Augmented Reality. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 06/2017, DOI:10.1080/10447318.2017.1340229
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  • Toughi Shahriyar, Mohammad H. Fathi, Yoones A. Sekhavat: An Image Encryption Scheme Based on Elliptic Curve Pseudo Random and Advanced Encryption System. DOI:10.1016/j.sigpro.2017.06.010
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