Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia

Students in this multi-disciplinary program are trained to design and create new digital arts, computer games, animation, web, and mobile applications. They also acquire a foundation in the visual arts, computer science and critical thinking. Students in this program learn to bridge the gaps between art and technology. They also receive training in creative technologies including authoring and designing tools. In addition to art history, animation, typography and media theory, they become familiar with Interactive design, motion design, 2D and 3D principles, and digital photography and video. Courses are usually split among theoretical and practical studies. Graduates from this program can go further their education in graduate programs in Intelligent Simulators Design and Computer Games Production.


Master of Arts in Computer Arts (Intelligent Simulators Design)

The focus of this program is on developing the software necessary for the development of interactive applications and large-scale simulators. In this program, students are become familiar with the concept of virtual reality and augmented reality. Cognition theories for modeling and simulation, developing methods for modeling, simulating and displaying human emotion, and analyzing large- scale phenomena are some of the topics covered in this program.


Master of Arts in Computer Arts (Computer Games Production)

Our program in Computer Games Production enables the critical study of games. With the focus on theories and concepts of game design, this program integrates elements of graphic design, computer science and IT. In this program, students are become familiar with the concepts of graphic design, programming, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, user experience, and game engines. The mission of this program to establish research and development directions that create art and science of games to improves game development for both serious and entertainment purpose.


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