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The institute of computer games (ICG) was founded at 2013. The main objective of this center is fulfilling basic researches in computer games and virtual world. The ICG is located in Tabriz Islamic Art University at the department of Multimedia. This center is well-facilitated with modern tools to provide great research and development opportunities for students. ICG admits such students from Multimedia department that are interested in the following fields:
  • Game Development
    • Intelligent Game Development
    • Affective Game Development
    • Social Relations in Virtual World
    • Player-Game Interaction
    • Serious Games
  • Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things
  • Computer Vision  
Selected Projects
  • Designing a serious game to enhance social skills using emotional feedback
  • The impact of using native-local symbols on enhancing the sense of presence ( Best Thesis Award in the First Digital Arts Festival - Art University- Tehran )
  • “Son Senger:Mashroteh Revolution”: Leader Following in First Person Games (2013)
  • Flocking in Adventure Games(2014)
    • Mina Ghasemi, Mahtab Haghighat- Sara Asghardoost
  •  “FaraAnatomi": An Augmented Reality Application for Anatomy Illustration(2014)
  • Using Color Psychology Principles to Enhance Sense of Immersion in Computer Games (2015)
    • Aynaz Forouzandeh – Nooshin Mosavi
    • Play Demo
  • Persian Characters Learning Using Augmented Reality Technology
  • Developing a Social Interaction API for Computer Games(2016)
    • Shaghayegh Kolli – Parisa Abdollahi
    • Play Demo
  • The Application of Augmented Reality Technology in Museum - Case Study: Mashrooteh Museum
  • Developing a Typical Ray Tracer Based on Physics’ Principals(2017)
    • Amirhosein Yazdani
  • Traffic Rules Sumulator (2018)
  • Using Players Emotional State toControl Flow in RPG Games
    • Elnaz Heidaran Moghadam
  • Smart Tourism Using BLE Indoor Navigation Beacons

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